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Improve Online Banner Ad Effectiveness

Useful Tips To Improve Online Banner Ad Effectiveness

Banner advertising in the online advertising arena has emerged as a major tool to bring your product to the attention of people who might go on to form the prospective consumer base of the product. Online banner ads, therefore, are nothing but texts or animations about the product that are embedded in websites or specific web pages in the form of a banner containing the information about the product.

What these banner ads basically do is attract the web page surfer's attention and then lead him to click on that banner which will in turn lead him to the website of the company which makes the product. Alternatively, clicking on the banner may also lead the surfer to the product description page directly. These banners come in packages of 100,000 impressions costing between 20 to 100 dollars per thousand impressions. The entire online advertising medium is measured per thousand impressions. Impressions is different from Unique visitors. If a visitor clicks around your site and navigates to several different pages, that is only one unique visitor, but may be multiple page impressions depending on how many pages they visit.

Under the traditional setup of advertising, marketing and advertising campaigns were designed keeping in mind the demographics of the target audience, that is to say, their gender, their age group, their income, etc. with the innovations entering the field of advertising, especially so with online advertising, a target customer base can easily be made available through certain sites. Some sites, for example, are thronged mostly by young people, some by real estate agents, and so on. Therefore, if any one of these groups is your target consumer then you simple need to place your banner on sites that interest that specific group.

The following are some tips that will enable you to conduct a smooth online banner ad campaign:

  • Instead of placing the banner on the home page of a website, placing it on one of the sub-links will actually give you a much targeted audience. You will not be wasting impression on people who would as it is not be interested.

  • Design your banners carefully. Do not reveal too much in the banner otherwise people will not click on it to find out more

  • The size of the banner must be kept between 5 and 20K. It is just possible that the banner may not load as quickly as the rest of the page and your target customer has moved on to the next page.

  • Animated banners always attract more attention than static banners

  • Use the ALT attribute for those people who turn the images off while surfing

  • Use catchy phrases to lead people into clicking on the link. The most common ones are "click here", "find out more", etc.

  • Finally, keep revising your banner content according to the kind of response you receive.

Properly researched and placed banner ads are highly effective. They are effective in branding a company name as well as driving highly targeted traffic to your site

E-mail promotions Affiliate marketing

Legitimate E-mail promotions and Affiliate marketing

The email promotion internet marketing and business promotion internet affiliate marketing online are two best ways to make money online from home. If you are presently running your affiliate marketing business and going to use e-mail promotion internet marketing to improve your affiliate commission, you must read this article.

It is not easy to decide whether email promotion business is good for affiliate promotion business. While the concept of email promotion of internet marketing is easy to understand, the concept of internet promotion of affiliate marketing is complicated. This is because many factors have to be considered before taking decision. You have to take into account your target audience and how much they use internet. Your emails may not be misunderstood as spam. All these things can make you decide if the email promotion internet marketing is correct for instant promotion of affiliate marketing.

One of the main things to remember before investing your money, energy and time into email promotion internet marketing in your target audience and how much they use internet. It is important to know how much your target audience uses internet to purchase or search the products or services offered otherwise it would be useless, and they will not become your customers for products or services.

But if target audience is available which is certain to use internet for doing searching and buying products and services being offered by you then email promotion internet marketing is an idea worth trying. In this case it will be useful because your target audience might have been searching for this information.

Next you should decide on products and services which can be easily explained in email. it is necessary because if you decide on products and services which are difficult to explain by email marketing they are not going to be well received by your list. Therefore, it is important to choose those products and services which you can easily explain via email marketing.

Basically there is a difference between quality email promotion internet marketing technique and spam technique. The first one is best internet marketing method for you to make money online. You should not use the letter method as this will set you banned.

Though, you have to keep an open mind that your internet marketing method may be viewed as spam. It is a very necessary concept because emails considered as spasm are not well received by audience and may not even reach your audience if their spam filters by your emails as spasm. Even if they do reach your audience they may not serve the purpose because internet users are always in a hurry to weed out mails suspected to be spam without bothering to read them first. For deciding whether your emails are going to be locked on as spam, it is necessary to consider the subject of your business promotion internet affiliate marketing online and the emails you send out. It is necessary because subject like weight loss pills are going to be soon as spam more quickly than others.

If you are in business promotion internet affiliate marketing online of marketing of products and services which may result in your emails being viewed as spam, using an internet marketing email campaign is not a good idea.

Finally I think that email promotion internet affiliate marketing is a good way to conduct business if used properly not spam. Your affiliate marketing business will grow and you will make good online commission.

You should enroll now to learn how to earn $30,000 per month with a free newsletter, how can you have a list of 1000 subscribers and how you can increase your business by 58%. You will find useful tips on email promotion internet marketing for being successful. You will have then time and money for trial and error.

Find out how email promotion internet marketing can benefit your home based affiliate marketing business. The email promotion internet marketing method is one of the best marketing strategies online. Now you are going to be shown the value of email promotion internet marketing to your home based affiliate business here.

If you are really serious to develop your home based affiliate business then the email internet marketing strategy is one of the best means to develop your affiliate business.

You might be managing a successful home based affiliate business but you will be surprised to know how much even you can benefit from a well managed email promotion marketing campaign. An email promotion internet marketing program offers many advantages like you can reach worldwide audience, separate marketing options and chance to achieve a lot of marketing with minimum investment.

In this article you will learn details of how email promotion internet marketing can profit your home based affiliate business.

For most home based affiliate businessmen the main benefit of email promotion internet marketing is ability to have worldwide audience for minimum effort whereas normal marketing tools such as T.V. ads, radio ads and print ads can reach a small geographical area. Email internet promotion has worldwide reach. You can reach worldwide audience will traditional methods but it would require greater effort in time and money and manpower.

You can reach very large target audience via email with just the click of a mouse. The method of creating marketing materials for your email campaign would require more effort but once you have done it contacting your audience is very simple.

Another benefit of email marketing is that there are various options for those who want to utilize this marketing strategy. The most popular method is to send group emails with product information and promotional materials. There is a second method of sending e-newsletters to interested recipients. An email newsletter carries more information than promotional email. These newsletters contain at least one detailed article, as well as a few shorter articles, which offer tips or which review the products.

It may also contain graphics, ads and links in the newsletter. The email promotion programs can be used in place of email correspondence which only focus on one subject which provide detailed information on a particular branch of a niche subject.

Another plus of email marketing is that it is very cheap for your affiliate business. When you decide to have a powerful email promotion program you will have to spend money for hiring skilled writers, graphic designers for making content and an attractive layout for your developmental emails.

It ought to be less than what you will spend on traditional ad methods. The cost of email marketing is much less than normal marketing processes.

Just think of a T.V. commercial where first you will have to get it made then pay to the T.V. channel to have it displayed. But no such costs are involved if you transmit via internet. Though it does cost to have an internet connection and have employee to send Emails, but it is cheaper than on traditional methods.

Finally, the email promotion internet marketing is one of the best methods to increase your sales and affiliate commission online. There are various ways of email promotion internet marketing like mini e-course, e-newsletter etc. One of the best methods is a high quality newsletter with a proper format. It is going to increase your affiliate commission of your home based affiliate enterprise.

If you follow all the above-mentioned methods, there is no reason why your commission and profit should not go up on your affiliate home marketing business.


Turn Net into Lead Machine

Turn the Net into a Lead Machine

Contextual targeting.

Myth: Contextual targeting always reaches the right consumers.
Realty: Marketers need to apply a mix of targeting practices.

The science of online lead generation is always evolving, and so is the science of targeting. A mix of contextual, behavioral and demographic targeting is recommended.

Contextual targeting makes it possible for marketers to serve ads relevant to the specific content focus of a particular website or online media. For example, ads for health and wellness products are automatically served to health-focused websites such as

Behavioral targeting enables marketers to get even closer to consumer preferences in real time by serving ads based on the specific types of content they clicked on to select or view.

And finally targeting your audience using good old fashioned demographics and consumer selected preferences is a great way to make sure you're acquiring customers who meet your target market profile.

All approaches have value, depending on your program goals.

We advise marketers to:

  • Apply a mix of targeting approaches to be sure you reach the right customer.

  • Include demographic, geographic, psychographic, contextual and behavioral approaches to ensure your offer is presented to the right consumer at the right time.

Microsoft wins Internet advertising deal

Microsoft wins US$500M Internet advertising deal with Viacom

Microsoft Corp. won an estimated US$500-million, five-year Internet advertising deal with MTV Networks owner Viacom Inc., giving the software giant a boost against rivals Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. Microsoft will help Viacom place advertising on its network of entertainment Web sites in the United States, such as Microsoft will also be the exclusive seller in the United States of remnant display advertising, which is ad space that Viacom has been unable to sell, company executives said yesterday. The deal replaces online ad firm DoubleClick, whose services Viacom currently employs among other partners. Google, which Viacom sued for US$1-billion for copyright infringement, is set to purchase DoubleClick for US$3.1-billion. The broad agreement involves Viacom's online games, television shows and films.


Microsoft Share Online Ad Revenue

Microsoft Eager for Share of Online Ad Revenue

Microsoft has plenty of reasons to want to acquire online giant Yahoo — 80 billion reasons, in fact. Online ad revenues are expected to double by 2010, reaching $80 billion, and Microsoft is eager to get into the game — if for no other reason than to slow rival Google's historic growth.

Ina Fried, senior writer at CNET, talks with Michele Norris about the potential deal and the lucrative world of online advertising.


Online Advertising Network

Advertising network

Advertising network refers to an infomediary, which serves between a group (network) of web sites (which want to host advertisements) and advertisers which want to run advertisements on those sites. Increasingly Ad networks are companies that pay software developers as well as web sites money for allowing their ads to be shown when people use their software or visit their sites.

Ad networks serve advertising on your website and share advertiser revenue for qualified clicks each time your site's visitors click on ads. An advertising network (also called an online advertising network or ad network) is a collection of (often unrelated) online advertising inventory. When it is clear that the environment involved is the Internet, companies who run or administrate such networks are also called Advertising Agents or simply Agents.

Online advertising inventory comes in many different forms. This inventory can be found on websites, in RSS feeds, on blogs, in instant messaging applications, in adware, in e-mails, and on other sources. Some examples of advertising inventory include: banner ads, rich media, text links, and e-mails. (This is not an exhaustive list.)

An advertiser can buy a run of network package, or a run of category package within the network. The advertising network serves advertisements from its ad server, which responds to a site once a page is called. A snippet of code is called from the ad server, that represents the advertising banner.

Large publishers often sell only their remnant inventory through ad networks. Typical numbers range from 10% to 60% of total inventory being remnant and sold through advertising networks.

Smaller publishers often sell all of their inventory through ad networks. One type of ad network, known as a blind network, is such that advertisers place ads, but do not know the exact places where their ads are being placed.

In most cases, ad networks deliver their content through the use of a central ad server.

Large ad networks include a mixture of search engines, media companies, and technology vendors.

There are three types of online advertising networks: 1) Representative Networks, 2) Blind Networks and 3) Targeted Networks.

1) Representative (or Rep) Networks: They represent the publications in their portfolio, with full transparency for the advertiser about where their ads will run. They typically promote high quality traffic at market prices and are heavily used by brand marketers. The economic model is generally revenue share.

2) Blind Networks: These companies offer low pricing to direct marketers in exchange for those marketers relinquishing control over where their ads will run. Blind networks achieve their low pricing through large bulk buys of typically remnant inventory combined with campaign optimization and ad targeting technology. The financial model is arbitrage.

3) Targeted Networks: Sometimes called “next generation” or “2.0” ad networks, these focus on specific targeting technologies such as behavioral or contextual. Targeted networks specialize in using consumer click stream data to enhance the value of the inventory they purchase.

There are two types of advertising networks: first-tier and second-tier networks. First-tier advertising networks have a large number of their own advertisers and publishers, they have high quality traffic, and they serve ads and traffic to second-tier networks. Examples of first-tier networks include the major search engines. Second-tier advertising networks may have some of their own advertisers and publishers, but their main source of revenue comes from syndicating ads from other advertising networks.