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Komli Vizu Exclusive Partnership India

Komli Media & Vizu Announce Exclusive Partnership for India

Indian advertisers can now utilize Vizu’s pioneering technology to measure the branding impact of online campaigns

November 24th, 2008 (Mumbai, India)Komli Media (, India’s leading digital advertising and technology company, and Vizu Corporation (, the leading online brand advertising measurement system, today announced a strategic alliance for the Indian market. Under the terms of this partnership, Komli Media will exclusively deliver Vizu’s Ad Catalyst technology in India, bringing a relevant brand campaign performance metric to brand advertisers and agencies.

Vizu’s Ad Catalyst product provides a rich set of brand advertising data that measures advertising induced changes in key customer perceptions and intentions. This data is delivered through a sophisticated, easy to use dashboard in real-time. As a result, marketers can reliably and regularly measure appropriate return-on-investment for online brand advertising campaigns for the first time. This real-time, self-service brand advertising measurement system is currently used to track brand ad effectiveness for numerous clients including high-profile consumer brands and leading digital agencies.

Amar Goel, CEO & Founder, Komli said, “Komli is committed to developing and introducing the most innovative products in the online advertising industry in India. We are delighted to partner with Vizu and bring their path-breaking approach to the measurement of online brand spends to the Indian market. Evaluating the impact of online brand spends is a critical need in this marketplace and Vizu’s Ad Catalyst is just the right product to address that need.”

“Vizu is delighted to be working with Komli to bring the benefits of our Ad Catalyst online brand advertising measurement system to the growing Indian market,” said Dan Beltramo, co-founder and CEO of Vizu. “Using Brand Lift as a metric to determine the effectiveness of online brand advertising campaigns is an important digital advertising industry innovation that continues to be adopted by global brands and agencies at a rapid pace.”

In light of this new partnership, Indian advertisers can now receive broad insights into their online brand advertising investments. Vizu measures the performance of online brand advertising campaigns, using Brand Lift as the metric rather than click-through rates which are generally inappropriate for brand building campaigns. This brand focus separates Ad Catalyst from other online advertisement measurement technologies with roots in direct response advertising.

About Vizu:
Vizu is the leading online brand advertising measurement system. Our Ad Catalyst real-time measurement infrastructure for assessing ad campaign effectiveness provides powerful benefits for publishers and advertisers. Through the use of Ad Catalyst, our clients gain actionable Brand Lift data on their online advertising campaigns, giving them a powerful advertising ROI metric. Vizu is a privately-held company based in San Francisco, CA, with backing from leading venture capital firms Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Greycroft Partners. For more information visit - Advertise With Confidence.

About Komli Media:
Komli Media is a digital advertising and technology company enabling marketers to reach and acquire their audiences and publishers to maximize their revenues. Komli Media powers India’s leading ad network platform with solutions across lead acquisition, targeting, rich media and measurement. Headquartered in Mumbai, with an engineering centre in Pune, Komli Media is also located in Delhi (India) and New York (US). For more information log on to

For further press information, please contact:

If you have any questions please email or visit Komli at You can also reach Komli at +91 22 26613185 (Mumbai Office) or +1 (650) 641 2745 (New York Office).

Google AdPlanner with Googleaccount

Google Ad Planner now accessible to anyone with a Google account

Google has made its free online media planning tool Google Ad Planner , which was till now available to select agencies, accessible to anyone with a Google account.

According to the company, Google Ad Planner helps agencies to improve their media planning process by letting them know unique users, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries.

Google Ad Planner can also help users identify websites their target customers are likely to visit and define audiences by demographics and interests. It can also allow users to generate aggregated website statistics for their media plan.


Google To Replace Online Media Agencies With Ad Planner

Google Ad Planner is a free media planning tool that can help you identify websites your target customers are likely to visit - or so they say. Simply:

Define audiences by demographics and interests.
Search for websites relevant to your target audience.
Access unique users, page views, and other data for millions of websites from over 40 countries.
Easily build media plans for yourself or your clients
Create lists of websites where you’d like to advertise.
Generate aggregated website statistics for your media plan.


PPC Advertising Benefits ROI

PPC advertising has proved to be very beneficial to all. PPC campaign is one way of generating traffic to your website. Some of the benefits of PPC advertising are:

* Financial Planning – With the help of PPC campaign easily you would be able to set a daily budget. If the campaign is working fine, then it can be increased too. So PPC campaign will depend on daily revenues.

* Targeted campaign – PPC is well-planned target campaign. Here you have the control over the choice of keywords and ensure that the audience targeted come to your website.

* Campaign Flexibility – PPC helps in accentuating the brand name. From time to time one can incorporate the necessary features and keywords. If the given set of keywords is not working for you then easily one can remove them and incorporate the new ones. Quickly you can introduce new advertisement components. This will help in improving the search engine ranking also as you are making some updates on your website.

* You pay for you get - In PPC advertising, you pay according to the number of clicks. Unlike the traditional marketing methods, the main goal of PPC campaign is to guarantee you to pay for the genuine people. Here people carefully decide for what they actually want to read, on careful thought click, and browse through the site.

* Testing Potential – If you have launched a product and would like to know the response you will be getting then you can test run on the website. The number of clicks on the product can be helpful to you in knowing the demand of the product and service. In comparison to traditional selling & advertising method, this will be prove to be less extravagant. Further you can easily measure the success of the program and monitor the advertising technique.

* Instant Result – A well-managed PPC campaign can yield more profits in very short time also. You have the data available for the clicks and money earned readily.

* Brand Awareness – By now you would have realized that PPC helps in creating brand awareness. Even if one doesn’t click the link, they read it when the advertisement appears on the search engine result pages.

To sum up PPC advertising is an easy way to generate traffic and responses. It is an economical way of advertising the products and services as the main crux lies in using the right keyword which can be updated according to current market conditions. Hence, employ an experienced SEO company that has an experience in making effective PPC campaigns, now.